It also involves the construction of small walls and steps from bricks or blocks. Our professionals will evaluate drawings, set out and gauge, remove any on hand covering, prepare surfaces, lay the tiles in the desired pattern, grout, and finish with high quality. Tiling is a way of arranging identical plane shapes so that they completely cover an area without overlapping. We cover all aspects of tiling, from small residential jobs and repairs to larger commercial ones. Our innovative features help accommodate you with luxury and indulgence in your everyday life with our broad line of high-quality floor tiling service.

We have started ALABEER ALWUROOD FLOOR TILING AND WALL WORKS L.L.C. known as A A FLOOR TILING 4 years ago. Today, A A FLOOR TILING provides specialist tiling in Dubai as a tile fitting company. Then we expanded onto full bathroom renovations, kitchen renovation and interior furnishings. Moreover, they complimented each other as everything went hand in hand. The company decided to start our brand in the Middle East. Consequently, we set about meeting a demand for using and interpreting the same British concept in Dubai, home to a large Expat community, a community familiar with professional high working standards and effective phased communication. Therefore, it made sense to use a company run by management doing renovation work finished with perfection.  We prefer Imported Quality Renovation in Dubai. We are up to date with all the correct floor and wall tiling methods, feature walls, paving and stonework, corking, and waterproofing, and we also re-level your floor with sand and cement screen to get a super flat finish. Go from bland to extraordinary epoxy flake flooring. We can work to create multi-colored flooring with selected color flakes to intensify your floor. We usually recommend it for schools, medical facilities, and basements.

We provide our clients with an extremely high standard of workmanship. Moreover, we take great pride in what we do, from planning a new bathroom to the renovation of an entire property. Every customer is unique. Whether it’s a small project or a large one, we’ll sit down with you, listen to your requests and give our own ideas to help you. An excellent outcome will take longer to achieve and understandably may come at a slightly higher cost. Nevertheless, we believe that the most important aspect of your new renovation project is thorough workmanship. Therefore, this ensures that your home renovation is carried out to the highest standard. We will ensure that you get the highest quality of workmanship and the best for your money. We are confident that with our expert advice, guidance, workmanship and management, we will always get you the best result.



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